All homeowners of the Rich Field community jointly own the Rich Field Community Park. The park exists or the pleasure, enjoyment, and recreation of all residents, children and adults. Maintenance and upkeep is everyone’s responsibility, especially users who have reserved the park for special occasions. A portion of your Homeowner’s dues goes to pay for the lights, water, lawn irrigation system, and lawn maintenance contract.

To ensure that that park continues to be enjoyed by all users and functions as it was intended, the following rules governing its use must be adhered to by all users. The park closes at dusk.

  1. Reservations for the use of the pavilion and other park facilities must be made in advance. Please contact Partners Realty at 334-277-1077 or send an email request to to reserve.
  2. It is the responsibility of the reserving resident to post the RESERVED sign(s) provided by the Homeowners Association at the pavilion. This should be done the morning of the day of the scheduled event.
  3. Before using the park, the responsible resident should conduct a quick overview of the park facilities, the pavilion, picnic tables, benches, bridge, boardwalk, and playground equipment to take note of any pre-existing damages.
  4. Only parallel parking is permitted at the park. Vehicles are to be parked on the grass at the edge of the roadway pavement. Diagonal parking is not permitted due to possible damage to the underground irrigation system. The responsible resident may be assessed for any resulting damages.
  5. Since the park does not have commercial garbage service, please take extra plastic trash bags to the park for all events. Garbage and trash created in any portion of the park, especially the pavilion area, is to be gathered and removed from the park at the end of each event and disposed of by the responsible homeowner.
  6. Lights and fans must be turned off before leaving. Use of the lights and fans result in additional cost to the Homeowner Association.
  7. It is okay to move the picnic tables and benches that are in and around the pavilion area. Please be sure to move them back after the event. The picnic tables down by the bridge should not be moved.
  8. Any resident using the park or invited to the park does so at their own risk.
  9. Pets are allowed at the park under the following conditions:
    • a. They must be kept on a leash in compliance with the City of Millbrook Code.
    • b. Owners must clean up any pet defecation.

Thank you for respecting the Rich Field Community Park by observing these rules at all times. If you have any comments or concerns regarding the park, please send them to