Holiday Safety Tips

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Holiday Safety Tips

While You’re Out

Prepare for your day (Limit What You Bring)
Pay attention to your surroundings
Secure your car & remove valuable items
When in store – Don’t flash the cash / credit cards
Keep keyless entry remote to your vehicle In hand
Place packages in trunk, be sure to monitor rear view mirror to insure no one is following.
It is getting darker earlier so please slow down when driving thru the neighborhood and watch for people out walking.Reflective clothing is also a great idea.

At Home

Set your alarm when away
Make sure your exterior lighting is in proper working order
Lock your house and car doors and keep valuables out of sight.  Love it, Lock it or Lose it!
Report suspicious activity to the Millbrook Police Dept at 334-285-6832 or 911.

It is not an inconvenience to them!

Be Safe and Enjoy your Holiday….

Rich Field HOA